5 successful SMS marketing strategies for ecommerce

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Mobile marketing via messaging is the fastest and most effective way to connect with your customers. This overview provides ecommerce and direct-to-consumer online businesses with five easy text message marketing strategies. If your business is already using traditional notification-based messaging, you will discover new ideas for taking your existing messaging capabilities to the next level.

You may learn your text message marketing program should focus on only one use case, while your traditional marketing channels will focus on others. Alternatively, you may recognize the power of messaging for mobile marketing and decide to use messaging across all aspects of the mobile customer lifecycle including customer acquisition, engagement, commerce, retention & loyalty and customer support.

1. Notifications and reminders

Most ecommerce and online retail businesses are accustomed to sending transactional or notification-based text messages to their customers. These types of messages are table stakes for most businesses and they only scratch the surface of the power of messaging to reach and engage with customers quickly and efficiently. Examples of these types of messages include shipping notifications, order status changes, or delivery confirmation. Reminder notifications can also be used for shopping cart abandonment or to alert the customer their subscription has shipped. These use cases are a place to start if you are new to messaging. However, more advanced messaging solutions that enable two-way conversations help brands engage with customers more intimately, collect real-time consumer data and insights, and deliver a higher level of engagement for a world-class brand experience.

2. Promotions for customer acquisition

Pushing promotions via mobile messaging is an easy way to catch the attention of target customers and increase your brand’s visibility. Using texting as a method to reach and acquire new customers shows your brand is innovative, immediately available and easily accessible. Promotional campaigning via text messaging is focused on spreading the word about the value of your company and increasing brand awareness to prospects, while incentivizing customers to engage. The best way for them to engage with your brand is through a digital dialogue, so you can invite participation and manage the relationship with your customer. Two-way conversations helps convert sales from new and existing customers and increases revenue for your business. This is also a way to learn more about your customers by collecting data that can make your next conversations even more impactful.

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There are many ways to utilize text marketing for promotion. One of the best ways is to provide a simple call-to-action (CTA). Strong and high impact marketing content requires a clear CTA. Your CTA should motivate your potential customers to act quickly and without friction. You risk losing a significant amount of advertising power if a person is required to remember to take action at a later time. Text message marketing is exceptionally powerful in this area by being simple, easy-to-use, immediate and fast. Promoting your text message marketing campaigns can be achieved by adding clear CTAs to any existing marketing from your brand. text message marketing

CTA location examples include:

  • Website CTA for a discount on products by completing an opt-in form and collecting the consumer’s mobile number for future engagement and text marketing campaigns.
  • Social media CTA on your brand’s Instagram or Facebook pages to text a keyword to a short code. This will drive new customer acquisition and entice customers with promotional offers or future discounts.
  • Email CTA for existing subscribers where you need to collect mobile numbers for text marketing. Email your customers and use a discount or incentive to prompt the customer to provide their mobile number by texting a keyword to a short code or completing an opt-in web form.
  • Marketing collateral, Print Ads, Signage & Billboards Simple CTA’s can be used on printed materials to text a keyword to a short code. This can initiate a conversational welcome series to interact with your brand through non digital media.
  • Radio or TV spots In the same way you advertise in print media or via non digital marketing campaigns, TV, satellite radio or terrestrial radio offers clear CTA opportunities for viewers and listeners to simply text a keyword to a short code to get started.

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It is tempting to send several text messages to leverage the benefits of customer engagement; however, people do not appreciate being inundated with text messages. This is partly why many consumers are falling out of love with email marketing. This means you need to find the right frequency of texts for your program to be successful. If you text too little, customers will forget about your program or brand and decide to opt-out. If you text too often, customers will get annoyed and opt-out. Most brands find that texting between two and four times per month is optimal; however, you may need to poll your customers and perform testing to determine the ideal frequency for your business. Timing is also important, especially for offers and deals. You want to provide customers sufficient time to use the deal, but you also want to create a sense of urgency. Because most people open texts within a few minutes of receipt, texting is the perfect medium for next generation direct-to-consumer text marketing.

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