New T-Mobile SMS Cart Abandonment Rules


Effective May 1, 2020 T-Mobile has made significant policy updates for SMS cart abandonment notifications. All eCommerce businesses should pay attention as the changes rolled out are likely to be broadened and adopted by all major carriers. Not complying with these rules could land you and your eCommerce business in hot water. Chatitive monitors compliance changes on an on-going basis to ensure all customers are using SMS effectively while adhering to industry guidelines and policies.

The new changes include impact SMS marketing campaigns for  abandoned cart or forgotten shopping cart use cases. Most eCommerce shops and merchants use SMS cart abandonment to drive additional revenue. 

Much like SMS blasts, this type of text message marketing is prone to some businesses sending too many messages to customers. This is a bad practice for SMS all together. Egregious and aggressive text marketing from ‘bad actors’ has grown to be a pervasive enough problem, the mobile carriers are swiftly reacting to protect their customers. And, rightfully so.

The good news is, SMS cart abandonment marketing is not being disallowed altogether. Below are the details of the new policy changes set forth by T-Mobile.


  • The eCommerce website call-to-action (CTA) must mention—within the opt-in terms and conditions—the message program must include shopping cart reminders
  • The shopping cart message program must incorporate double opt-in via text
  • Double opt-in content must inform the user the message program includes shopping cart reminders
  • Campaigns must be filed as an “Account Information” campaign, with a detailed description highlighting the message program will include shopping cart reminders

Privacy Policy Disclosures

  • Privacy policies must explicitly state how information is captured by the eCommerce site to determine when a consumer cart has been abandoned (e.g. website cookies, plugins, etc)
  • Terms and conditions on the eCommerce website must reflect the new policy

Delivery and Content Restrictions

  • Text reminders must be sent within a 48-hour period and limited to one alert per unique abandoned cart
  • The abandoned cart notification must not result in the eCommerce site completing the transaction on behalf of the consumer
  • Abandoned cart notification must not collect payment information or accept approval for purchase via a keyword confirmation from the consumer
  • The consumer must complete the transaction by processing payment themselves via a direct URL link to the eCommerce website

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Conversational Messaging Evangelist at Chatitive