All In For the Holidays: Peace Out Skincare Leverages Chatitive SMS Marketing for Holiday Push

Shopify SMS Marketing

Glossy recently spoke with Chatitive customer and Direct-to-Consumer Skincare darling PeaceOut Skincare about how Shopify SMS marketing is playing a key role in the company’s holiday push. Leveraging Chatitive’s end-to-end lifecycle messaging approach and Shopify integration, PeaceOut has seen their SMS subscriber list balloon from zero to more than 15,000 in less than six months. SMS Marketing with Chatitive has become crucial to PeaceOut’s brand identity as they look to engage subscribers with 15 percent off to join the channel, and then offer content around new products, sales and education throughout the customer journey.

“We try to implement SMS into every strategy that we have as we move forward — because it goes hand-in-hand with what you’re doing with your advertising, how you’re growing your social media platforms, and how you’re building out your e-commerce and customer base.” – PeaceOut Skincare Chief Marketing Officer Junior Pence

2020 PeaceOut Shopify SMS Marketing Highlights:

  • SMS has driven 18%-34% of total sales per month, or $150,000 in revenue
  • Conversion rates for texts is 35%
  • Gen Z comprises 30% of SMS purchasers in October, 2020
  • Chatitive’s two-way capability is driving educational use cases

Read more about how PeaceOut is using holiday SMS marketing to drive sales here.

Conversational Messaging Evangelist at Chatitive