Mailchimp Acquires Chatitive

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Email marketing giant Mailchimp has acquired Chatitive in a deal that will aim at giving SMB customers the ability to interact with consumers via text messaging.

In a feature for Fast Company, Mailchimp CEO Ben Chestnut explains the appeal of business texting. “SMS is a lot more direct and synchronous. Also, it’s just a great new sales channel for e-commerce as well,” he said.

Chatitive will continue to be run by the same team in Seattle and begin the work to offer a unified API within the Mailchimp platform. Chatitive CEO Andy Hollenbeck explains what Chatitive customers can expect.

We look forward to continuing to build great software, help you acquire mobile subscribers and realize fantastic ROI from mobile messaging. If you are an existing Mailchimp client, you should continue to conduct business via the website and current Mailchimp APIs. Over the next several months, the Mailchimp product team will be working to incorporate Chatitive technology into the Mailchimp platform and potentially offer a unified API. The mission remains to help business clients easily acquire mobile users, enable mobile marketing automation and facilitate end-user communication strategies to help your customers engage and transact with you.

Conversational Messaging Evangelist at Chatitive