Sell more products faster with ecommerce SMS marketing.

Unlock instant transactions on billions of mobile devices with a simple response. Ecommerce SMS marketing with Chatitive will turn your ecommerce business into a revenue machine.

Ecommerce SMS marketing
Ecommerce SMS marketing

Deliver highly personalized offers & build customer preferences from every conversation.

Send ecommerce SMS marketing offers and reminders to consumers with integration into ecommerce solutions such as Shopify or Magento. Each sms marketing offer is generated from a product ID. The product name, price, and image are loaded directly from the ecommerce platform into Chatitive's ecommerce SMS marketing platform.

Ecommerce SMS marketing through to fulfillment confirmation.

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    Send offers on prodcuts

    Customized & personalized product offers marketed to consumers based on preferences.

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    Easy text to buy

    Consumers reply directly through mobile messaging to buy products & complete transactions.

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    Confirmation & shipping

    Instantly send order confirmations. When order is fulfilled, delivery status, tracking numbers and tracking URL is sent over messaging.

Seamless text-to-buy transactions powered by ecommerce SMS marketing

Consumers can reply via text messaging and Chatitive will generate a URL updating the user’s cart. Create mobile checkouts and automatically update shopping carts. If consumers are new, they can easily create an account during checkout and complete the transaction.

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Chatitive messaging is critical to our vinyl records business. Each daily vinyl record offer is customized for the individual based on music and artist preferences. It's a one response to buy experience over messaging. Chatitive's platform is awesome and their customer support is second to none."

Post purchase messages & notifications.

Chatitive handles all mobile messaging. From context-aware marketing offers and promotions to order confirmations, shipping notifications, and delivery notifications.


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