Personalized mobile messaging platform that understands context.

Chatitive is a personalized mobile messaging platform for direct-to-consumer brands and built to help businesses evolve from email marketing to personalized messaging with consumers.

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Real-time & personalized messaging for direct-to-consumer brands.

The first mobile messaging platform built for brands to engage with consumers while unlocking a trove of real-time data insights.

  • Built-in messaging data engine

  • Real-time intent & context data from conversations

  • Enterprise-proven & personalized conversations at scale

  • Industry’s most advanced mobile messaging workflows & automations

  • Intuitive web user interface & robust APIs

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Chatitive's platform is designed for modern businesses & used across a wide range of industries & use cases.

Mobile marketing

From acquisition, engagement, & loyalty, Chatitive has your mobile messaging needs covered and utilizes existing consumer data from your marketing tools & CDP's.

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Ecommerce & mobile commerce

Unlock transactions on billions of mobile devices with a simple response & integrate with your existing ecommerce platform.

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Customer support

Mobile messaging for customer support helps brands deliver a world-class support experience.

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How Chatitive works.

Chatitive offers you a next generation consumer engagement platform with real-time visibility into consumer preferences. 

Chatitive’s mobile messaging data engine powers interactions and personalized conversations with your consumers at scale and simultaneously understands consumer intent. As a result, your brand can communicate with consumers, send offers, convert sales, and respond to every conversation over mobile messaging.

The new consumer data opportunity.

Every conversation with your consumers captures a treasure trove of valuable insights. This data gives you real-time information about who the customer is, what their preferences are, their likes, dislikes, order history, and current or past support issues.

  • Utilize existing consumer data from your marketing, ecommerce, & support applications
  • Augment existing consumer data in real-time
  • Triggers campaigns, workflows, automations and one-to-one human interactions
  • Ensuring each consumer has a real, personalized messaging interaction with your brand

One continuous feedback loop with your consumers.

Intent learning & understanding

Chatitive’s built-in messaging data engine, immediately understands operational and intent data ensuring every conversation is natural and personalized.

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Conversation automation

Chatitive triggers automations and workflows tuned by consumer intent data helping you sell more products faster over mobile messaging.

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Personalization at scale

Chatitive has enabled hundreds of millions of conversations between brands and consumers with the highest deliverability in the industry.

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