Build, grow & maintain consumer profiles with every message.

Chatitive understands context — who a customer is, what their preferences are and what they’ve shared with your brand in the past — helping you deliver personalized mobile conversations with customers at scale.


The heart & brain of personalized mobile conversations.

Subscribers aren't just phone numbers. They are human beings.

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    Manage subscribers across campaigns with ease

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    See individual subscriber profiles & history

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    Track every subscriber interaction throughout their journey

A complete picture of each customer.

Chatitive listens, learns & responds providing your brand with a continuous feedback loop with your customers.

Groups, tags & subscriber properties.

Chatitive enables sophisticated groups and tags to help you categorize attributes across many subscribers. A subscriber who interacts with your brand frequently may be tagged as a VIP. The VIP group consists of all subscribers with the VIP tag. Groups provide a powerful mechanism for referencing many subscribers.


Get real-time consumer insights or augment existing contextual data.

Enrich Chatitive conversations with custom properties, helping your brand combine your own proprietary behavioral and transactional data with conversation history automatically aggregated by Chatitive.

Share contextual data with other systems.

Integrate Chatitive with your other business applications to further extend and enrich contextual consumer data. Provide your marketing campaigns, promotional offers, and support agents with everything they need to better serve customers. Easily share customer metadata with customer data platforms, support platforms, ecommerce systems, & marketing automation tools.


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