Modern customer support with mobile messaging.

Deliver personalized and fast customer support through mobile messaging for customer support tools.

customer support mobile messaging

Personalized, immediate customer support for mobile consumers.

Chatitive is the leading context aware mobile messaging solution for customer support use cases. Assist customers quickly and at scale directly from the mobile messaging channel.

How Chatitive for customer support tools works.

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Chatitive for customer support platforms enables you to extend your investments with a robust intelligent, mobile messaging platform and eliminates dead end messaging experiences for your customers.

With Chatitive setup is simple and customer support teams can get started quickly and without developer or IT resources.

  • Use your existing customer support platform, such as Zendesk with minimal setup
  • Create & close support tickets faster with ease
  • Automate responses for common support related questions

Mobile messaging support automations & workflows.

Chatitive mobile messaging automations and workflows use built-in intelligence and context to instantly address common questions and routes customers to knowledge bases or forums. When human assistance is required, Chatitive will automatically route customers to a live agent ensuring issues are never missed.

  • Route customers to knowledge bases or forums with automated mobile messaging responses
  • Respond with the same mobile number, without creating a new ticket
  • Customize responses for time of day & day of week

Seamless ticket creation.

Chatitive for customer support platforms, such as Zendesk helps you open a frictionless communication channel with your customers. Agents benefit from no changes to their workflows and all communication history is captured in one view.

  • Gain access to the entire conversation history
  • Instantly create tickets within your support platform
  • Turn mobile messages into data rich conversations
Zendesk Text Messaging

Bulk issue communication.

Chatitive unlocks one to many communication for inventory, product & service issues that require quick action.

  • Segment & update your customers in minutes
  • Quickly follow up with groups who have similar open issues
  • Automate & schedule bulk text message support

Chatitive provides your business with a modern approach to customer engagement. Instant ticket updates mean you never miss a beat when helping your customers

  • Deliver personalized communications at scale
  • Capture context & customer state with every interaction

Real-time conversations for faster resolution.

Personalized consumer marketing & support at massive scale.

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  • Lauren-150x150

    Lauren Tracy

    Co-founder & Head of Product, Blue Fever

“We’ve exchanged millions of messages with users, and they say they love this type of personal, private interaction.  We love having the ability to scale so we can personalize engagement across all of our users. That personalization and scalability is a large part of why we love Chatitive.”

APIs & ecosystem integrations.

We believe high performance, enterprise grade mobile messaging should be accessible to businesses of all sizes. Marketers, Growth Managers, heads of Ecommerce, and Developers should have a complete mobile solution instead of basic building blocks.

  • Robust APIs for sophisticated workflows

  • Integrations with ecommerce, customer support, & customer data platforms

  • AWS S3 data extract for access to conversation history for all of your subscribers

  • iOS & Android compatible. SMS, MMS, RCS & Chat


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