Advanced mobile messaging platform built to listen, learn & respond.

Chatitive is the only context-aware mobile messaging platform designed to listen, learn, and respond to your consumers for a true two-way conversation.  

messaging data platform

Super charged mobile messaging for fast & reliable deliverability.

  • High performance inbound and outbound processing

  • Inbound message processing is prioritized

  • Real-time message processing from self-configured automatic responses

  • Complex interactions involving multiple messages

  • Delivery rate tracking by carrier and message type

Inbound & outbound messaging carrier

Chatitive activates & enriches mobile consumer data.

Chatitive messaging data engine

Compliance management done right.

We take care of messaging compliance fundamentals so you don’t have to.

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    Enterprise-grade compliance management

  • Icon_alerting_180x180

    Advanced message delivery reattempts & delivery notifications

  • Icon_filtering_180x180

    Invalid phone number detection & filtering

  • Icon_compliancecheck_180x180


  • Icon_spambot_180x180

    Bad actor, bot spam detection and management

APIs & ecosystem integrations.

We believe high performance, enterprise grade mobile messaging should be accessible to businesses of all sizes. Marketers, Growth Managers, heads of Ecommerce, and Developers should have a complete mobile solution instead of basic building blocks.

  • Robust APIs for sophisticated workflows

  • Integrations with ecommerce, customer support, & customer data platforms

  • AWS S3 data extract for access to conversation history for all of your subscribers

  • iOS & Android compatible. SMS, MMS & RCS ready


CTIA messaging principles & best practices

CTIA short code monitoring handbook

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