#1 Shopify SMS marketing for the mobile consumer lifecycle. 

From simple opt-in forms, check out flows, SMS marketing campaigns, customer support and post order delivery, Chatitive is the #1 platform for Shopify SMS & MMS.

Shopify SMS Marketing
Shopify SMS opt-in form

Simple Shopify SMS opt-in forms

Transform desktop & mobile visitors into buyers with ease. Grow mobile website subscribers with simple acquisition forms or frictionless interactive click mobile opt-in optimized for desktop and mobile. 

SMS opt-in for eCommerce checkout flow

Acquire new subscribers in your eCommerce checkout flow. Chatitive enables you to add a simple check box to your Shopify eCommerce checkout flow to acquire subscribers at the point of purchase.

Shopify Transactional SMS

Post order delivery SMS for Shopify purchases

Send Shopify SMS post order delivery messages via the Chatitive API or setup using our intuitive workflows & automations UI. 

Over 97% of consumers prefer getting post order delivery and shipping text messages compared to email. With Chatitive, we help you handle all aspects of your Shopify SMS messages in one easy to use platform.

Highest rated context-aware Shopify SMS platform

Shopify SMS

"Chatitive really stood out when we were looking at partners for our SMS program. They were able to handle acquisition, retention and customer service channels all in one platform. The tool is extremely easy to use and they were able to integrate with our other partners."

Sr. Director of Retention and Monetization, Pretty Litter

Context-aware Shopify SMS eCommerce & marketing

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    SMS welcome series

    Chatitive helps you begin engaging with your new subscribers immediately. Personalization with each message increases conversion rates as high as 6x what you might expect from email marketing.

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    Shopify SMS workflows & automations

    Workflows & automations help you converse with customers over SMS without the hassle of managing 1:1 communications. Trigger SMS messages based on a variety of actions from shopping behaviors to responses over SMS with ease.

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    Real-time preference gathering

    Gather real-time consumer preferences from each texting interaction. You can reach millions of subscribers, increase revenue and build out consumer profiles with the most advanced mobile messaging platform, period.

APIs & ecosystem integrations.

We believe high performance, enterprise grade mobile messaging should be accessible to businesses of all sizes. Marketers, Growth Managers, heads of Ecommerce, and Developers should have a complete mobile solution instead of basic building blocks.

  • Robust APIs for sophisticated workflows

  • Integrations with ecommerce, customer support, & customer data platforms

  • AWS S3 data extract for access to conversation history for all of your subscribers

  • iOS & Android compatible. SMS, MMS, RCS & Chat


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