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Be mobile relevant. Acquire, engage and convert more consumers with SMS marketing software from Chatitive.

sms marketing services
sms marketing software

SMS marketing software for customer acquisition.

Customer acquisition with SMS marketing software is the fastest and most effective way to gain, reach, connect with, and retain your customers.

With Chatitive, there are many ways to utilize sms marketing for promotion and customer acquisition. Using messaging as a primary channel to reach and acquire new customers shows your brand is innovative, immediately available and easily accessible.

Quickly grow your mobile messaging channel.

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    Website promotion

    Entice consumers with a simple call-to-action to sign up for your messaging program. Text a keyword to a short code or complete a web form to opt-in and immediately move new customers through a personalized welcome series. 

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    Extend social marketing

    Drive your social media audiences to your messaging channel. Promote programs and engagement on your brand’s social media pages for personalized interactions and capture valuable data insights. 

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    Add mobile text messaging

    Incorporate modern mobile text messaging within your email marketing investments to maximize consumer engagement. Entice subscribers with offers to quickly opt-in consumers to a brand new marketing channel. 

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    Lauren Tracy

    Co-founder & Head of Product, Blue Fever

“We’ve exchanged millions of messages with users, and they say they love this type of personal, private interaction.  We love having the ability to scale so we can personalize engagement across all of our users. That personalization and scalability is a large part of why we love Chatitive.”

Personalized SMS marketing & consumer engagement at massive scale

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Consumer engagement

Chatitive is the only context-aware, mobile messaging platform for consumer brands. We enable your brand marketers and CRM managers with a powerful channel to engage consumers in true two-way conversations. By engaging with your customers in a personalized regular digital dialogue, you can unlock a goldmine of valuable consumer insights including buying behaviors, product preferences, personal attributes, interests, and buying signals.

Talk with consumers. Not at them.

Consumers want more from your brand. Chatitive helps you deliver personalized sms marketing throughout the consumer journey.

Design direct to consumer messages, triggered automations, & sophisticated workflows

SMS marketing automations

Identify subscribers & segment cohorts based on preferences, tags or groups


Orchestrate contextual conversations & capture consumer intent

SMS marketing services

Send personalized experiences, campaigns, loyalty programs, & offers through mobile messaging

sms marketing software

Increase sales with frictionless text-to-buy workflows via SMS, MMS & RCS


Capture instant feedback & preference data in real-time


Direct-to-consumer messaging across the mobile lifecycle

Chatitive isn't only for modern marketers. Chatitive’s mobile messaging automations and workflows instantly address common questions and intelligently routes customers to knowledge bases or forums for customer support. When human assistance is required, Chatitive will automatically direct customers to a live agent ensuring issues are never missed.

Whether your text message program focuses on sms marketing, texting for commerce, or texting for support, mobile messaging is the fastest most effective way to engage with your customers.

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