Deliver immediate, world-class customer support with mobile messaging.

Assist customers quickly and at scale directly from the mobile messaging channel.

mobile messaging support
customer support mobile messaging

Next generation mobile messaging for timely & personalized customer support.

Chatitive is the only context-aware messaging platform for consumer brands. With Chatitive, customer support and customer success managers benefit from a complete mobile messaging system that is powerful, easy to use and scales beyond traditional text messaging solutions.

Setup is simple & customer support teams can get started quickly without developer or IT resources.

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    Use your existing customer support tools

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    Close more customer support tickets faster

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    Troubleshoot issues with real-time consumer data insights

Mobile messaging support automations & workflows.

Chatitive mobile messaging automations and workflows use built-in intelligence to instantly address common questions and direct customers to knowledge bases or forums. When human assistance is required, Chatitive will automatically route customers to a live agent ensuring issues are never missed.

  • Automate responses for common support inquiries
  • Respond over messaging without creating a new support ticket
  • Customize responses for time of day & day of week
messaging support on mobile

Seamless support ticket creation.

Customer support agents benefit from no changes to their workflows and all communication history is captured in one view.

Gain access to the entire conversation history


Instantly create tickets within your support platform


Turn mobile messages into data rich conversations


Bulk issue communication over mobile messaging.

Chatitive unlocks one to many communication for inventory, product & service issues that require quick action.

Segment & update your customers in minutes


Quickly follow up with groups who have similar open issues


Automate & schedule bulk message support


Real-time conversations for faster resolution.

Chatitive provides your business with a modern approach to customer support. Instant ticket updates mean you never miss a beat when helping your customers. Chatitive helps support teams deliver personalized communications at scale and capture customer context and intent with every interaction.


We believe in mobile messaging for support and marketing because it is conversational and a direct channel to our customers. If you are looking to expand your marketing efforts or provide on-demand customer support through messaging, Chatitive has you covered!

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